Brian Ganter
American, b. 1984, Helena, MT
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Kiss, Stroke, Grip (2015)
Sixteen 7 1/2” x 6” glass plates: Ambrotype, resin, and thermochromic pigment. Picture rails and warming pad.

Courtesy of the artist
Brian Ganter’s series kiss, stroke, grip uses heat-sensitive pigment to imbue the art viewing experience with intimacy. The images themselves, drawn from adult films made in the 1970s – 1990s, are portraits of actors who died of AIDS-related complications. Each actor is identified on the back of the plates. The artist chose moments where the actor looks directly into the camera or moments of ecstasy, when his or her eyes are closed and mouth is open.
With the introduction of heat, the thermochromic pigment glazing the surface of the plates becomes transparent, slowly revealing the portraits hidden underneath. In addition to using the heated platform, viewers are encouraged to touch, embrace, rub, or breathe on the plates’ surface. Once returned to the shelves, the portraits will gradually fade back to black.