f&d cartier
Françoise Cartier (b. 1952, Tavannes, Switzerland)
Daniel Cartier (b. 1952, Bienne, Switzerland)
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Wait and See, 1998 - present
Installation, vintage photo papers
Dimensions variable, approximately 8 ft. x 20 ft.

Collection of Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell
f&d cartier are Swiss artists living and working in Bienne, Switzerland. Since 1995 they have merged their respective practices of sculpture and photography and created a unified artistic identity. Using the basic prerequisites of photography, light and black and white photo-sensitive paper, the duo create installations that embrace the fleeting nature of time. As the exhibition progresses, the papers will change color as they react to light and the gallery environment. The papers themselves function as color field objects, bringing the background of the photograph—the paper on which the image is captured—to the fore.
This installation was created for the Transformer Station space and revealed moments before the show opening on January 15, 2016. Over the course of the exhibition, the photographic papers will change colors and tonality until the exhibition is taken down. The exposed papers will be placed in a light-tight box as a “recording” of the environment during the time of the exhibition.
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