Richard Learoyd
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End of Youth, 2010
Richard Learoyd (born 1966, Nelson, Lancashire, England; lives in London, England)

Todd Hido: “Learoyd is the most interesting portraitist out there. You get lost in the details, and come away feeling like photography is magic.”

Richard Learoyd aims to elicit “a kind of profound empathy with the fragile mortality of the person photographed.” His desire to define the universal human condition has resulted in a studio practice in which portrait sitters are asked to maintain a pose for up to eight hours before an enormous camera obscura that records a unique print the exact size of the sitter. This work is unusual for Learoyd in that the subject returns the viewer’s gaze with an intense look of her own, while the title, End of Youth, memorializes a significant milestone.

- Danielle Meeker