Zoe Crosher
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Untitled, From The Reconsidered Archive of Michelle duBois, 2011
Zoe Crosher (born 1975, Santa Rosa, CA; lives in Los Angeles, CA)

Todd Hido: “I just think this whole project, and the found photo aspect, is really interesting.”

In 2000, Zoe Crosher was entrusted with hundreds of amateur self-portraits—spanning 20 years—taken by a family friend, a real person Crosher has given the pseudonym Michelle duBois. Acting as archivist, curator, and editor, Crosher presents the photographs as her own work, a conceptual project that aims to examine the way photographs often blur fact and fiction. “From the beginning,” she says, “I knew this was not a biopic, this is not about who she actually is—it’s all about the different levels of fantasy. The fantasy she has of herself, the fantasy I have of her.”

- Danielle Meeker