TR Ericsson
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Untitled, 2010 from Etant Donnes
powdered graphite on paper
Ericsson is a conceptual artist who uses photography as an image matrix for many multimedia works, including this graphite work on paper of a nude woman draped over a rock beside a robust waterfall. The odd coupling of the underlying photographic structure and the diffusely applied graphite surface injects a jarring note to this already troubling and mysterious scene, in which the viewer must assess the psychological tenor of this work. Is the protagonist a victim of violence; a corpse at rest?

Sex and death permeate this eerie image, which recalls in title and spirit Marcel Duchamp’s final work, the Étant Donnés (1946-66) in the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Interestingly, though Ericcson feels significant alliance with Duchamp’s practice, this series was conceived and created before being titled.